July 11, 2007

Failing trig? Can't read? Here's a laptop!

I'm confused.

I understand that Ed wants to run for national office seeing as his reign as Emperor of Pennsylvania will soon be at an end, but platforms which appeal to the national base are not necessarily in the best interest of our glorious Commonwealth.

Take this for example.

I see the argument for mandatory pre-k, but laptops in all classrooms? What? Apparently we need to teach our children earlier in life how to avoid work. I can still somewhat remember high school after a four year collegiate blitz of alcohol and rapidly infused knowledge, enough to know that my nice new state-funded laptop would be used for:
  • Playing games (see "avoid")
  • Sending instant messages to my high school girlfriend (see "avoid")
  • Looking up inappropriate materials (what, it was 9th grade)
  • Staring longingly at the island desktop scene, wishing I could throw my book at my calculus teacher

But honestly, aren't "young people" already fully inundated with technology? Take our fixation with the iphone - who doesn't get subliminally aroused when that magic hand watches a movie and then orders seafood.

I know Ed Rendell will sure be using that feature ....

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