August 8, 2007

If it's not cats, it's golf

For the longest time, my favorite city council quote has been:

Ms. Carlisle said that's an outdated perception. "That was yesteryear," she said. "In 2007, cats are more aggressive than they used to be."

But today I rejoice, for Kim Lyons from the Trib has given us a new gem:

The golf course is as much a city property as the zoo, which also is run by a non-city agency, Shields said. "We own the monkeys, and we own the golf course," he said. "We should take care of them."

It's nice to know that in the midst of handing out a contract lacking any competition whatsover to a firm that just happens to be majority backed by a major democratic supporter, city council has time to stop and care for the monkeys.

Does anyone else get the impression that the Trib finds Mr. Motznik a little off target in this case?

Shields pointed out that under the provisions of Act 47, the city can't use capital funds to reopen city pools.


Motznik said that amount of money could be used to reopen two city pools in his district, although capital funds can only be used on improvement projects.

I bet Jim is just doing this for the votes. It's hot outside, and Burghers need their pools. I also hear there is quite a bit of overlap between the anti-cat crowd and the anti-golf crowd. He's probably trying to make up for lost support. That damn Koch.

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